traffic exchange

In Search of Traffic?

When I originally started online, I had a product to sell and guess what nowhere to promote that product.

I was completely lost and my sponsor, well of course she was of no help at all. Her only advice to me for this “Vitametavegamin” concoction was to market it to my friends and family. In all honesty, I did believe in the vitamins and on a personal level felt much better while taking this product.

Internet junkie that I am, I searched online for free traffic.  Bingo, finding a prominent Traffic Exchange in my search I was off and running, at least I believed so. This Traffic Exchange had 25,000 members or so they proclaimed. After nearly a year, never receiving any referrals to the Traffic Exchange or any customers for my product from the site it was time to rethink my strategy. Sometimes it is easy to get caught in all the hype and get distracted from your real goals. I had become what most would call a surfaholic!

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What Is a Traffic Exchange?

Simply put a Traffic Exchange is a membership website owned by a company or an individual.

“Traffic Exchanges date back to the beginning of the web and were primarily used by organizations to share sites between employees. Viewers would rate pages in a similar fashion to the now popular social bookmarking phenomenon. When interesting websites were hard to find a traffic exchange for an organization new to the web proved an invaluable tool.

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