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In the last article we discussed choosing a blogging platform and of course I recommended the choice of most blogging professionals. Now if you have decided on this choice there are several key components we need to address in order to get you started in the blogging world. The first of which is choosing a domain name."Blog Step 1"

What exactly is a domain name? Simply put your domain name is your address in cyberspace or the world wide web.

How do you select a name for yourself or your business? Branding yourself is an important factor in marketing online, so choose your name wisely. I highly recommend your name itself or as close to it as possible.  Why you ask, because businesses come and go in the marketing industry online and your blog should be about branding you! Sell yourself and not your business.

Choose your domain name very carefully. This is your real estate on the Internet. It is your so called business card on the web, therefore it represents both you and your business.

Here are 5 key tips to keep in mind:

  1. Make it Relevant-Use your own name if at all possible. You are indeed branding yourself in all that you do. For example my actual name was taken. In fact there is an actual author with my name.
  2. Make it Memorable-Shorter names are most definitely easier to remember.
  3. Make it a, because when you think of the Internet you naturally think of
  4. Make it Easy to Spell-This tip is pretty self explanatory.
  5. Avoid Hyphens-Hyphens are not easily remembered.

So now it is time to find a domain name and purchase your very own real estate on the Internet!

Purchasing a domain name quite frequently referred to as a domain, does not convey ownership but the legal right to rent or use the name. There are many providers of this service on the world wide web, once again choose wisely and research, research, research. One that I use and highly recommend is The choice is yours!

This material is brought to you with careful thought by: Cheryl /”The Frugal Mistress”.


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