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"Bloggin"We have chosen as our blogging platform, we have purchased our domain name and last but not least we have chosen our web hosting company. As previously stated, my hosting of choice was Host Gator. Therefore it was crucial for me to direct my domain to my current hosting account. I accomplished this through redirection of my DNS.

What does the acronym DNS stand for and what does it do?

Domain Name System is an Internet system used to translate names into IP addresses.  This system plays a very important part in the functionality of the Internet. It is often referred to as the phone book for the Internet.

How do you forward your domain name to your current web hosting account?

Whomever you have chosen as your web hosting provider, they should have sent your account details. Included with these account details should have been your nameservers of which there should be two. They will look similar to these:


Now it is time to go to your domain name provider and redirect your website to your hosting provider. This process if using GoDaddy  may take 24-48 hours.

Both Host Gator and GoDaddy have wonderful customer support to aid you in this process.

Need a bit of help for a very reasonable price, you can try  I.M. 4 Newbies. If you need more help, I would be more than happy to aid you in setting this up.

This material is brought to you with careful thought by: Cheryl /”The Frugal Mistress”.

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