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Can you earn money blogging without visitors to your blog?  The answer is absolutely not. You can be one of the best writers in the universe, but if no one views  your content, you don’t have a prayer.

Blog post titles certainly are a main aspect in getting visitors to your site.  Successful blog titles achieve a couple of key elements: search engine optimization and persuading individuals to click on your link and to visit. This post will take a look at a few tips in choosing a blog post title for search engines and to gain actual visitors.

Deciding on a Blog Post Title

  1. Your blog post title should be clear and precise. Your title is the first thing a visitor notices. Consider the title as the intro to your article. What would you like the visitor to know about your blog post?
  2. A good technique is to recognize a problem, then recommend a solution to solve the problem. For example, how did you arrive at this blog article? Chances are you might have been searching the subject blog post titles. A few key terms such as “secrets” and “controversial” are normally used in blog and content titles basically because they are often signals of mystery.
  3. Focus on choosing your keywords. Your blog post title is the ideal place to add your key words and or phrases. If your blog permalinks are setup to include the blog post title, major search engines will find your blog post.
  4. Keep your blog title relatively short. Your blog post title should also be concise in order for the search engines to recognize it. Many WordPress users recommend that the blog post title should be 60 characters or less in order to achieve the most effective position.

This material is brought to you with careful thought by: Cheryl /”The Frugal Mistress”.

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