6 Benefits to Blogging

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Ever wonder why so many people blog? Hop online and it seems like there is a blog for every man, woman and child. What’s all the hubbub? Here are six benefits of blogging

1. Blogging is easy – One of the reasons so many people are blogging is because it’s really easy to get online. You can have a professional looking blog in just a few hours. There are literally thousands of blog templates that are really well designed. You can modify a template with a few simple clicks. You can also add plug-ins to create a blog that can accomplish just about anything you want it to."The Benefits of Blogging"

2. Blogging is inexpensive – You can easily spend several hundred dollars on a very basic website. A blog, a really professional looking blog, can cost you less than twenty-five dollars and that includes the domain name and the hosting.

3. Blogging is profitable – You can make good money with a blog. Many people who began to blog about their passions for personal reasons found themselves in the limelight. They also found themselves rolling in the dough. For example, the movie “Julie & Julia” was about a real blogger who cooked her way through Julia Child’s cookbook. The blog “*&^ my Dad Says” turned into a television program starring William Shatner.

While you may not end up on the Hollywood walk of fame you can make great money. You can promote products you love and earn affiliate income. You can promote your own products or services. You can simply earn money on advertising revenue. Blogs with a lot of subscribers can demand high rates for ad space.

4. Blogging connects – Blogging is a way to connect to other like-minded people. You can get online and share your passions. You’ll attract and connect with people who are interested in the same topic. It’s a fantastic way to meet people all around the world. You can share, learn and grow.

5. Blogging builds your career – You can use your blog to promote yourself. For example, if you’re a sales person you might create a blog about a sales strategy. You can use your blog to establish yourself as a credible authority on the subject. It can help you move up in the company or land that dream job.

6. Blogging builds businesses – many businesses use blogging as a means to market, grow and profit. If you’ve ever contemplated starting your own online business you can launch it with a blog.

Blogging is popular for a number of reasons. It’s easy. It’s inexpensive. It’s profitable and perhaps most importantly it is fun. Start your own blog today.

This material is brought to you with careful thought by: Cheryl/”The Frugal Mistress”.

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