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Once your blog has been established and you’re meeting your initial goals, it’s time to look to the future. How do you want to grow your blog? What are the possibilities? You can add monetization methods. You can offer more value. And of course you can grow your subscriber base.

Here are five tips to grow your blog:

"blog tips"Get involved

Hopefully you’ve been participating on other blogs in an effort to promote your blog. If not, then integrate this tactic into your marketing strategy. If you are already commenting on other relevant industry blogs then look for ways to become more active. Can you guest blog? Can you add a few more relevant comments to other blogs each day? Getting involved in your community is a fantastic way to increase your own blog traffic.

"blogging tips"Offer new value

In addition to what you’re currently offering on your blog, can you add more value? For example, you might offer a free report or online course. You might find a few guest bloggers to round out your content and provide more information. You might mix it up and offer different types of posts. For example you could offer videos or downloadable checklists or worksheets.

"blogging tips"Hold a contest

Contests are wonderful ways to drive traffic to your blog. However, make sure your giveaway is related to your blog topic. For example, if you have a blog about dogs you might giveaway a gift certificate to a pet store.

When holding a contest make sure to spread the word. Tweet it. Post it on Facebook and ask others to spread the word. You’ll receive an influx of traffic because everyone wants to win the prize. You’ll also gain new subscribers and email addresses.

"blogging tips"Network

The right connection can change your blog success overnight. Imagine if you have a crafting blog and Martha Stewart mentions it on her show or her own blog! Your traffic would skyrocket. Networking can make a huge difference. Get out and meet people. Offer value and connect.


"blogging tips"Add a monetization method

If you’ve already monetized your blog, great. What else can you do to make money on your blog? If you’ve yet to monetize it consider simply placing a few affiliate ads in the sidebar or footer? Join Google’s AdSense program. A little extra income can make a big difference.

There are a number of ways you can grow your blog. Before you implement any tactic, evaluate it. Make sure it supports your visitor’s and enhances their experience. Make sure it supports your goals and your vision for your blog. Create goals for your new tactic. What do you want it to accomplish?
To your success!

This material is brought to you with careful thought by: Cheryl /”The Frugal Mistress”.

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